The Thought Behind the Music Video: SELF by F7Beats

Its fair to say that self knowledge is a concept we can all get with. Hearing F7s “Self” is reflective of the artist, but there’s a sense of relatability. We could all use some peace and contentment in our day to day. While there’s some elements in the song that are pertinent to our own lives, there’s also moments in the song that offer an introspective look into and individual whose greatness is comparable to a mighty ocean, and can find the common denominator for Tony Danza and Rick Ross. That’s genius. 

Listening to this song took me to a place of nostalgia almost instantly. the muddy and rich instrumentals, along with the faint and whispy background vocals reminded me of something out of PBS’ “Children’s Television Network”. (3,2,1 Contact? Anyone?) It was so reminiscent of that time, that when I came across archival footage of students in D.C. working on science experiments, I knew I found my visuals.

Through the help of a mobile science lab, students in D.C. at the Federal City College are conducting experiments that are based on their concerns about various pollutants in their community; noise, drinking water, cigarette smoke, etc. The lab is even open to the public. Family and neighbors are also seen observing equations written on the chalkboards and interacting with students. 

The combination of this modern song and vintage footage communicates the irrefutable fact that knowing yourself doesn’t get old, doesn’t have an expiration date and that knowledge of self is attainable through any form of academia or medium, be it a science experiment, or through song.