The Art of Stephen Hamilton, and his Residency in Nigeria

Earlier in the spring, we profiled Boston painter and art teacher, Stephen Hamilton. A graduate of Mass College of Art’s illustration department, Stephen’s tenure was spent exploring the African diaspora. Needless to say, his focus and exploration in this topic holds strong value that spawns across several topics, from identity, history, and community.

Here, he discusses his well-known Itan project: A series in which he paints his students in the likeness of Yoruba Gods and Goddesses. 

On a personal note, I have learned a great deal from this charming and humorous fellow, and through this video, I’m sure you will too. If not, you’ll be inspired. How could you not?

Today, Stephen is preparing for his artist residency in Nigeria, where he’ll be “studying traditional Nigerian arts, such as Adire, Weaving, Woodcarving, and Beading, and the Nike Center for Art and Culture in Osogbo" and creating his own body of work.

 Knowing his body of work will be combined with the inspiration and influence of traditional African works leaves me to believe that nothing but pure heat with emit from his canvases.

Before his lengthy departure, you can catch him at the Shades of Inclusion Opening, and the Open Door Gallery, Suite 101, 89 South St. Boston. RSVP here:

Treat and teach yourself, by checking out his work at