AFROPUNK 2014 Wrap Up w/D'Angelo

AFROPUNK 2014 - Brooklyn, NY. SAT

Amid the Storm Clouds over Commodore Barry Park, The Event was Still poppin. The attendees paid the drizzles no mind, as they walked, danced, laughed, and swayed with the music. (I secured a spot under Blue Moon's patio umbrella, just in case.) There was far too much going on to be deterred by an unseasonable chill and a few raindrops. Food Trucks on Both Ends of the Park, Beer, Performances Spread across the Park split into 3 stages... AND a Party in the Back. 

Among the bleached and colored natural tresses, backpacks, bohemian-chic, attendees, l Had the pleasure of Running into the Likes of Jimmy McMillan, Coco & Breezy, Markusprime, and a Few Others. 

AFROPUNK 2014 - Brooklyn, NY. SUN

It's much Brighter this Time... The Sun making up for the Clouds and Rain from yesterday, plus this was the day of performances from The Internet, D'Angelo, SZA, Michelle Ndegeocello... All this While Fu Blac also came through to show Love and Support for the Ever Growing Festival. Today Was a Good Day.

Its also far more packed today! It's impossible to not shoulder-check someone, military strategy is required to schedule a meet-up in the thickness of the crowd, and forget about the occasional trip to the bathroom, unless you possess the clinging abilities of our friend, the Spider Monkey. As the did yesterday,People come in Super Saiyan forms of themselves and give off Light Energy for all to receive. Tribal, skin branding tattoos, skateboards, frohawks, dashikis, fulani earrings, and adinkra symbols. There was even a Setup for some to Honor Mike Brown by raising their hands in the "Don't Shoot" position. 

We branched off at one point, with one group watching SZA. The others watching Fishbone, who performed their version of Curtis Mayfield's classic,  "Freddie's Dead", amongst other hits from their outstanding catalog. Afterwards, the incomparable Meshell Ndegeocello took the stage, who was my personal favorite set for the weekend, and did her buttery renditions of Whodini's "Friends", Ready For the World's, "Love You Down", and (ahhhh) "Comet, Come To Me", from her upcoming album with the same name. Towards the evening, the MC took the stage to ask the audience to participate in a commemorative gesture of raising our hands, while yelling "Don't Shoot", in honor of Michael Brown. Definitely the most memorable and significant portion of the event.

 Finally, and I do meant finally, The Man of the Hour, D'Angelo hit the stage, backed by Roots members, guitarist Captain Kirk Douglas, and drummer Questlove. Between Prince's "She's Always In My Hair", Angelo Moore joining for "Black Flowers" accompanied by the theremin, I just concluded that it couldn't get any better. Topped the evening for me! Despite the chants of "Encore!", D'Angelo and crew left the stage, never to return. And so it ended. There was more trash than grass spread across the landscape, and folks wither left in a hurry to beat traffic, or hung around to reflect on the events of the day. IT was my first AFPK, and surely wont be my last. 

Enjoy Browsing!

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