Fu Blac - Photoshoot on Dudley St, Roxbury. November 30th, 2014

Usually, when we post new media around our subject du jour, there's an article that goes with. But from the energy and emotion of the video, we found it was unnecessary. The video speaks for itself. We think that is evident. And the perfect introduction to Fublac. 

 For those that know Fu, you'd know he's a man of nuance. Yes, he's vocal with strong opinions that can be backed by irrefutable evidence, but there's a subtly in his appearance. Or at least, the way he carries himself.  Even his haircut, which is associated with a time in hip hop where  self-consciousness was trending, reflects the music that he wants to contribute. 

 So it only made sense to snap photos of a man that is an advocate of self-awareness and identity of black people in the historical landmark of Dudleytown Common.  Backed by the musical notes carved into a fence. He's looking forward to the release of "Indoctrination", and discusses some of the tracks. The sleepless 24-hour studio sessions along with Producer Gray, and beatmaker, F7Beats, have culminated to this album. The work of music sheds light on personal matters of the home, preserving funds by "...making it rain..." in a well, and the revered "Black Madonna". 

 I forgot those that don't know Fu. Now, you know.

Keep a look out for "Indoctrination".


Coming soon....


 Fu Blac: "Hear That Sh*t"


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