Meet Stoopid Jones

We’re all more similar than we are different, but there is truly no one like Stoopid Jones.

 He met with us on Sunday morning, in attire varying in prints and eras. Cloaked in a varsity jacket, army fatigue button down, and blue jeans, he finished off the look with some Retro Jordan 11 Breds. He almost gives the impression that his fashions are accidental, but his choices are calculating.

 We made our way to Neponset River Trail, where we discuss our respective jobs, or hair regimens, and his main focus: tattooing

 After settling on a spot, we got the shoot rolling. And just like someone who dresses to impress, he was just like a fish out of water: taking as well as giving direction, and suggesting looks. He even had a change of wardrobe. This Guy, Meng..

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