#FUF7: Studio Time

It's about 6pm, on Friday evening. In the spacious Record Company on Mass Ave., Producer Gray is carefully modifying the levels to the tracks that will make, "Indoctrination", while the album's contributors, Fergerson 7 and Fublac listen in. 

 The mood still manages to be engaging, as well as productive. Mostly because we were all there when the songs were first recorded, and can recollect each song's session. Fu discusses his vocals on "Home", F7 plays us more of his pensive, syncopated beats, and Gray asks our input on the mixes.

 This is the work ethic that's needed in a 24-hour session, and especially, the final one. Not to mention that lyrical substance and production of such a high caliber is deserving of that much time. 

 The three definitely put in that work. So when the session concluded at 6pm on the following day, so did the laborious efforts on what will be: "Indoctrination"

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