ALL GOOD BOSTON: Tonight at GoodLife!

All Good. The name describes the mood perfectly. Where else can you go in Boston, that has NO dress code, and NO cover, that is diverse with reasonably priced and mixed drinks, and that plays the aurally pleasing sounds of the 90's, with some reggae peppered in? I'll wait....

 And in the slight chance that you have an answer, I seriously doubt that it matches up with AG's strong following. After all, its backed by same people that have brought you A Lil Louder, the predecessor of AG, which has brought its good vibes for 3 years before.  Through ALL, word got around about the cool happenings on the last Thursday every month, and folks have been faithful ever since. And being that AG is Good Life's most successful Thursday night event ever, I'm sure that its due to those stats. Little to no drama, a modest and ridiculously cool crowd, and features monthly guest appearances from "The Mayor". (You gotta be there to know).

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