Elizabeth at Hard Knocks Gym

Accompanied with hip-hop music, the sounds of combative grunts and fists pummeling punching bags echo down the hallway of the Hard Knocks Muay Thai & MMA Gym, located in Hyde Park. Inside, a student jogs, while towing his trainer, and Elizabeth is practicing for an upcoming bout in Foxwoods. In her “hard knocks” tee, and shorts with her moniker “Elizafresh” stitched on, she displays her impressive fight techniques. She’s 3 years in, and it shows in her firm stance as her partner practices his kicks, the strength behind her own attacks, and her relaxed presence in the ring as she  fights. Occasionally, she breaks away to check in about her rigorous training schedule, and her thoughts when in the ring. Then she’s back in the ring by the sound of the bell.

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