Asim Photo Shoot: Series 1

Asim - November 15th, 2014

His style is as classic and eclectic as his room, which has drawings, poster ads, and photos of family strewn across the walls. Sprawled across his bed are tasteful garbs from Ralph Lauren: a modest, white button down, and tan-colored cargo pants. As we chatted on everyday happenings, he reveals a sharp Polo P coat, adorned with gold buttons, and impressively detailed shoulder tassels. After getting dressed, he finishes off the look with a black and white scarf, black Timbs, and an orange and blue-striped tie.

 We made our way to the a bridge that stretched across Cemetery Road, just off of Morton St., on the edge of Franklin Park. We trekked to the top of a small hill, that we noticed was previously occupied from the toiletries, blankets and hangers. Asim tells us about a past visit here, and we marveled on the space’s ability to evoke isolation despite its location in the city.

 Asim positions himself between the scrawny branches and twigs and so commences the shoot. His look suits the 45 degree weather, layered and warm, but fashionable and tasteful. His look is pensive, and reflective, but still very present and adaptive of Roman’s photographic direction. There’s surely more to come

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