Naco Taco and YoSoy inc Presents: UNWRAPPED


We put together a small Documentive piece on Yosoy and how they got started. They will be premiering this piece at their event this Saturday, November 21st! Live performances from Casso and King Philip, along with a special announcement from Dutch Rebelle.. All while Naco Taco is serving up some Tasty Tacos through the night. 

Come Thru! 

Motivate Mondays at Hard Rock Cafe


Motivate Monday is a Live Hip Hop & Soul Event brought to you by Mark Merren of Authentic Lifestyle. Tonight's event is a fresh new start at it's new home, Hard Rock Cafe, Boston. Every Monday artist take to the stage displaying their talents to the public. 

This new venu is a huge platform, and takes Motivate Mondays to a whole New Level. Salute to Merren and Authentic Lifestyle.

You can check out some footage from the earlier days at the old Fenway venu, Church Boston.


The Plug


Great event tonight in Cambridge, MA over at the Lilypad on Cambridge Street. The event titled "The Plug" is meant to bring artists and geniuses alike from all over (in and out of town) together. Everyone on the bill did an excellent Job bringing their A Game to the Stage, and there were plenty of networking opportunities in between sets. The vibe was right, and the Energy was high! Keep up at for future events. They specialize in highlighting new artists and music.

Dot Hollis

 Dot Hollis on set of "Era of the Underdog" video shoot.

Dot Hollis on set of "Era of the Underdog" video shoot.

Dot Hollis is an artist we've been working with for some time. When it comes to rap he's a spitter, rides the beat well enough to create a comfortable bounce, whilst remaining a lyricist who keeps you on edge with his content. 

That said... Dudes got some work on the way, and we gleefully provide the striking visuals to soon come. Check the track "Era of the Underdog" by Dot Hollis below. 


The Art of Stephen Hamilton, and his Residency in Nigeria

Earlier in the spring, we profiled Boston painter and art teacher, Stephen Hamilton. A graduate of Mass College of Art’s illustration department, Stephen’s tenure was spent exploring the African diaspora. Needless to say, his focus and exploration in this topic holds strong value that spawns across several topics, from identity, history, and community.

Here, he discusses his well-known Itan project: A series in which he paints his students in the likeness of Yoruba Gods and Goddesses. 

On a personal note, I have learned a great deal from this charming and humorous fellow, and through this video, I’m sure you will too. If not, you’ll be inspired. How could you not?

Today, Stephen is preparing for his artist residency in Nigeria, where he’ll be “studying traditional Nigerian arts, such as Adire, Weaving, Woodcarving, and Beading, and the Nike Center for Art and Culture in Osogbo" and creating his own body of work.

 Knowing his body of work will be combined with the inspiration and influence of traditional African works leaves me to believe that nothing but pure heat with emit from his canvases.

Before his lengthy departure, you can catch him at the Shades of Inclusion Opening, and the Open Door Gallery, Suite 101, 89 South St. Boston. RSVP here:

Treat and teach yourself, by checking out his work at



Since the last photo set we shot with Jeo he's launched two new Training programs, as well as expanded his Personal training services. Other than recently pulling off a win in a recent match hosted by Combat Zone MMA, Jeo continues to encourage others to push themselves to their limits and fly. With his circuit style of training, he is able to create the perfect package for any individual.

Tovar Training



This is the 5th Year Anniversary for Bostons Best Thursday Nights! 

:: Join us in celebration of our 5 year Anniversary ::

Good music, Good vibe and Good people. - "Come as you are"

Please try to come out early to avoid disappointment.

Thursday - July 30th. @ the Good Life. - 10 PM!

This is a 21+ event!


The Thought Behind the Music Video: SELF by F7Beats

Its fair to say that self knowledge is a concept we can all get with. Hearing F7s “Self” is reflective of the artist, but there’s a sense of relatability. We could all use some peace and contentment in our day to day. While there’s some elements in the song that are pertinent to our own lives, there’s also moments in the song that offer an introspective look into and individual whose greatness is comparable to a mighty ocean, and can find the common denominator for Tony Danza and Rick Ross. That’s genius. 

Listening to this song took me to a place of nostalgia almost instantly. the muddy and rich instrumentals, along with the faint and whispy background vocals reminded me of something out of PBS’ “Children’s Television Network”. (3,2,1 Contact? Anyone?) It was so reminiscent of that time, that when I came across archival footage of students in D.C. working on science experiments, I knew I found my visuals.

Through the help of a mobile science lab, students in D.C. at the Federal City College are conducting experiments that are based on their concerns about various pollutants in their community; noise, drinking water, cigarette smoke, etc. The lab is even open to the public. Family and neighbors are also seen observing equations written on the chalkboards and interacting with students. 

The combination of this modern song and vintage footage communicates the irrefutable fact that knowing yourself doesn’t get old, doesn’t have an expiration date and that knowledge of self is attainable through any form of academia or medium, be it a science experiment, or through song.