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Product Photography

Clean up your Website or Instagram with professionally taken photos of your most premium products, or turn your products Premium with our photo services. Clean product photos become a resource for any promotional material, and can be reused as much as necessary.



LinkedIn, Acting or Modeling Portfolio, Office Badges... All of these and more require a Great Headshot. This is a First Impression in most cases, and it's important to take time to get the right shot for the occasion.

GS_PRGNT 6.jpg


With intense variations of strong lighting and environments, we create powerful photographic pieces to drive emotion or messaging. Whether it be for Print or Online, there is no doubt powerful imagery will help bring a Return On Investment. Aside from ROI, it really helps tell a vivid story to your audience.

Fitness & Motivation


Jeo Tovar is a Fitness Specialist who specializes in fast paced MMA style circuit training. Outside of Training he's an MMA Fighter who participates in high ranking MMA circuits. We made sure to taylor these images for use in Fighting Promo, and Motivational Quotes to help push along the message he needs to send to his audience.


JEO_TV 10.jpg
JEO_TV 9.jpg


Flo Pure Taste is the premium Extract Vaporizer in it's market. It's important to show the weight, material, and thought that went into this product when capturing. Carefully lit and staged, this image has become the staple for this product, and truly highlights why the Flo Pure Taste pen is the best in it's market. After capturing some great images, we were able to put together their website at www.flopuretaste.com


Boston's Newest Smoke Shop!


Here we were able to work with different products for the store. We've done everything from building a Photo Gallery for Instagram to push high end glass, to Product Breakdown/Review Videos to educate users online. After updating their logo, we ended up with a great product video series.

Smoke Glass - 10.jpg

Butch and Pooch Tavares for Hollywood Weekly


Jackson Publishing got wind of our photographers work, and setup a photoshoot for an editorial piece they had coming on Feliciano "Butch" Tavares. The shoot was for a 5 page spread and cover, and only required a few quality headshots of the brothers in various outfits. The connection from Jackson Publishing and MurQu is Literally East to West Coast (LA, CA - Boston, MA), and all went very well.



LinkedIn Headshots at Northeastern University


A student organization within NU has put together an event titled "LinkedUp" that goes over Social Media Etiquette. The event had live assistance while going over which Social Media sites require a more 'professional' look for employers. LinkedIn was of course the star here, and they hired MurQu for the headshots of their students. Each Student that day took a photo which we later emailed out to all. 



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